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Wet Hot American Bummer

We just finished our next story which is a special FULL COLOR 20 page installment to the Trout House universe. Please check out "The Eternitarians" up now under the Space Stories section of our comics. This story takes place after Liberators, Tales of the LOADS Corps and Dear Cain so if you aren't caught up, make some time to sit in a sunbeam and enjoy those stories!

What we have planned next are some more follow up to the characters back on Earth. Expect in September a new story that checks in on Merciless and Mr Whiskey. Hilarity and action will ensue. Questions will be answered and the plot will continue to march forward. Don't miss it!

Lastly, if you are interested in supporting this comic please check out the store and buy some of our merchandise. That includes original pages, stickers, pins, coasters, pint glasses and shirts will be coming soon. We aren't KISS we swear but we also don't feel right begging for money via some third party site for a product that doesn't exist yet. We'll eventually figure out how to print these stories into a comic and when that day comes you can buy a physical copy!

Until then keep checking back here to enjoy the hard work we put in to bring this all to life. We truly enjoy it and hope you do too.



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